Rabu, 28 Oktober 2015

‘Surat Ini Diikutkan di Giveaway Dae-Ho’s Delivery Service PSA3’

Assalamu'alaikum, Mu. Sorry I'm sending this letter for you. I just wanted to reveal all the truth about our relationship. Abi. He's not my boyfriend. During that time, I lie. But I don't intend to did it all. You know, it's hard for me to accept the fact that there was a man from Pakistan said that he loves me only in so short a time. And that too through facebook. The point is that I can't believe in you. How can I know the real you? How do you feel? Because we didn't know each other well.

I'm learning so many things from you. When you saw my pictures, you said I was beautiful, especially when I smile. I never forget to smile after that. You always remind me not to forget to pray. You're working as soldiers made me proud of you. You will protect me, right? ^^ I'm increasingly convinced that you are my true love.

After 5 years, how you still care about me even though I had boyfriend. So, I said I'm ended with Abi. You cheer me up, even pray that I can get the better of him. i want you repeat this question "Do you love me? Will you be my girlfriend?" Because at that moment I will be answering yes. Turns out it takes a long time, but I don't care because you really asked me. And I accept it.

I'm very happy when you said that you're going to Indonesia, met with my parents. At that time also I was all true to my parents that I've had a boyfriend. But lightning on a sunny day it has eliminated my smile. When they reject you. I hate them. May be they didn’t want to saw me happy? I want to tell you that problem, but I'm afraid you're going to leave me. I keep trying to convince my parents. I want them to give you one chance. We love each other because of Allah.

But, when they're already agreeing my wishes. You leave a message to me. A message that simply states that you can't continue our relationship. Why? You didn't reply my message. I was devastated. Maybe you think I love you since we became soulmate. You're wrong, I loved you from the beginning. But I'm very confident you. I was confused by my feelings. I really want to be mad at you. But I can't, I just kept on crying. Why are you toying with me. I was embarrassed. I was ashamed of with my parents.

I had left my cell phone number in your message, I hope you call me. At least for the first and last time, I want to hear your voice directly, is it true that there is no doubt there. Is it true you've sure about it. I want you to apologize to my parents. I'm so waiting for that. Thank’s for your kindness. Bye.

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